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Introduction (about me)

My name is Joshua. I am 25 years of age, male (obviously) and a video gamer.

We all have many hobbies and ONE that I would spend most of my time doing- is playing video games.

I named my blog as Whiz Gamer because I want to express to my readers of how fond I am in playing video games, not because I am best at it, but because I have never lost a game I’ve played.

This kind of habit started when I was a toddler when we had our very first console, a NES console, some call it “Family Computer”, I could never forget the feeling of the controller or joystick held in my hand and the MegaMan soundtrack.

Take a look at my desktop. I have many games installed (there were more in the past 2 years).

I will post more about what games I’ve played over the past years and write my own thoughts about the game.

I hope you will be more interested in the upcoming posts in the future as I write every games I’ve experienced playing.

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  • Ma-Aidz

    Hello Mr. Joshua, can you recommend some nice Video Games to Play?…thanks…….

    • Hi! I’m glad you asked, there are a lot of video games in the present times and many more that I yet to discover. I can’t really recommend yet since I’m just starting but you might check my posts and see if the game I wrote would interest you. Good luck!

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