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Dota 2 Game: Solo Ranked Match 3.2k MMR Support Role


Hi guys, how are you doing? I’ve been posting so late these days, these months I guess? I’ve been very very very busy. Honestly, I had personal issues I had to deal with and I also have my other work at a BPO industry and if I don’t report do my job, well- I can’t pay my rent, internet, electricity bill, water bill and all the bills in the world. Anyway, life still goes on… and so is my joy in video gaming! Really, I’ve been also busy recording videos and I’ve progressed to adding my own voice while playing then commenting, advising, educating and maybe cursing? hehe.

So the game that I’m writing about is Dota 2. I know, I’ve already posted about this here, but I’m specifically playing as a support hero (hardest role in my opinion). I chose Vengeful Spirit, she is a good initiator and disabler. I’ve noticed that most people are now choosing/spamming heroes they are confident with and think they can win, but cooperation within the team is going to win a game.


  • Buy courier and upgrade later.
  • Buy wards (all the time) for you to be aware of where enemies are, I’ve put much effort in buying wards whenever I can so my teammates can avoid being ganked- or we can plan to gank an enemy hero. In the video, I’ve placed wards where heroes “usually” pass and if possible put the ward on a spot where it can also cover the neutral creeps.
  • When playing a support role, you’d have to make sure that you REALLY provide support to your carries, this is essential in playing a Dota 2 or any other MOBA game. One of the most important part and worth mentioning as a support is ganking. This is to give a upper hand to a hero who had difficulties in earning gold and gaining experience because once you’ve killed a hero at that lane it provides advantage to your ally in giving them a chance to farm. When ganking, make sure to bring smoke of deceit to avoid detection on the map and give a signal to an ally to cooperate and aim for the kill.
  • Buy items that are mostly aura (not really necessary), What I really mean is to buy items that will benefit the whole team like Arcane boots. And I commend my friend Jacob Baculi for saying this “You’re team should have defensive items” he said that after we lost a mini-tournament of Dota 2 held by our company. I recalled every time we clashed with the opposing team, we lost because there was nobody to sustain our team’s HP. So, it’s not just about the skills of a support that heals or aids a carry, but also items like Mekansm, Pipe of insight, even Drum of Endurance helps in escaping a gank.

These are all I can think of when playing a support hero, just play some more and gain experience. Also do combinations of items and make sure to pick a hero that has a skill that can either disable, hold or slow.

I was hoping I have more input about this, since I did not have much to say when record-playing the game. (I was too focused on the game I was not that talkative) hehe.


Here’s the video, please bear with me if I was too strong to Legion Commander, maybe he’s laggy and that’s why he can’t go in and initiate a clash.

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