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DmC: Vergil’s Downfall (PC Game) Experience


Hi! A lot of days have passed since my last post but I’m back and that’s what matters. I also had a problem with my personal computer, I could not play properly because it automatically shuts down between 10-15 minutes of gameplay. The problem was solved, all it needed was some dust cleansing. I will […] Read More


Balloon Fight Game (NES Console) Experience

Hello! It’s a Sunday afternoon, I have the time to make this blog post because I just finished submitting an online work and wanted to utilize my idle time here while I have the chance. This is just going to be quick, because this game I’m about to write is simple yet fun to play, especially with […] Read More

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Mega Man 7 Game (SNES Console) Experience


Greetings! I have not been consistent in writing blog posts, no new game review in the month of November, I apologize. I thought I could balance my work, hobbies and spend time with my family. But I can tell you that I’m doing my best, I just found time to write a new post now. And I’m […] Read More

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Fatal Frame (PlayStation 2 Console) Experience


Hello! I’ve been idle for more than a week now and I just wanted to write more to be consistent and to make my site more exposed. My recent post was about a survival/horror game, now we’re going to know more about an even scarier game than the RE series (in my own opinion). We are going to tackle […] Read More


Resident Evil 6 (PC Game) Experience


Hi, Good day! My posts are delayed lately, I’ve been bracing myself for a new work environment that starts this week… but that doesn’t stop me from writing my game experiences! And since the demo for the Resident Evil 7 game are coming out recently, I may as well write about the Resident Evil 6 game I’ve played, it’s fun, […] Read More


Child of Light (PC Game) Experience


Greetings! I was so busy recording videos while playing games, I also have work to do so I didn’t have enough time to write more posts, but right at this moment, I’ll be posting a game that I found interesting to play with (haven’t beaten the game yet). The title of this game is Child of Light, sounds interesting […] Read More


Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor (PC Game) Experience


Hello! It’s been days since my last post. I’m happy to share that my own readers are naturally my friends. They gave me feedback about my blog and some even asked to post about a game they’ve played. One of my peers asked if I could do a post about Dark Souls 3… I said I haven’t played that game yet and it […] Read More


Heroes Of The Storm (PC Game) Experience


How are you today? I’m feeling great if you ask me and I’ve been wanting to write about this game since it was released last year. The game that we’re about to tackle is called Heroes of the Storm. If you are fond of playing DOTA 1 & 2, Heroes of Newerth, League of Legends and any other multiplayer online […] Read More


Sonic Generations (PC Game) Experience


Good day! this covers my great time playing the video game Sonic Generations. The first Sonic video game was released in the early 90s in a SEGA console. The first time I held a controller from this console was in my cousin’s house. Guess what game cartridge was mounted: Sonic the Hedgehog. Hence, the first time I saw and played a Sonic video […] Read More


Mega Man 5 Game (NES Console) Experience


Hey guys! Since I’ve gotten a good video recorder (software)  installed in my computer, I’m happy to to play all the games that I have. There are just too many games that I’d like to tackle but I’ll be writing about Mega Man 5. It is a NES game and it has been a while writing games about this console. I think I […] Read More