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The Number One SubMachine Gun I Use When Playing PUBG


Hey, what’s up, guys?! Boy, it’s been a few months since I’ve posted something. I’ve been busy with work (same reason) and trying to earn money to buy my own RIG, hopefully, I’ll get my own updated-high-end-PC built soon. Anyway, I’ve been really busy but I still find time to post something about video games […] Read More


Excited for Capcom’s Mega Man 11 Later This Year


Hello! It’s really been a while since I’ve last posted in this gaming blog site. I spoiled myself by becoming lazy in playing video games than writing about them. My personal computer needed some personal rest too. It needed some maintenance and cleaning, I have to have it checked and so I could continue and […] Read More


Hello! I am so busy these days… especially holidays are coming. I have to focus with my work too. I just wanted to post something very short, just to keep this site alive- I can’t believe that this blog site is more than a year old. This post is to show you a video of […] Read More


Mega Man 8 (PlayStation) Experience


Greetings! Guess what I’m posting about again? you obviously know already- another Mega Man game, it’s clearly the title of this blogpost (scoffs). It’s already late in the evening right now and I just have time to idle in my room then I remembered… I still have lots of videos and games that I haven’t […] Read More


Warframe (PC Game) Octavia’s Anthem Quest


Hello! I’ve been updating as often as I can-at least one post a month as I promised, I know I can do better, but this is what I can do best in the meantime. I’m tackling about the game Warframe and one of it’s quests to getting Octavia- a warframe. I’ve already written about Warframe here in […] Read More


Hey there! How’s it going? I’m back again, I’m trying to write as often as I can, because I’m really guilty of posting something in my blog at least once a month… but I’m happy let you know that I’ve been doing my best to update every once in a while. So thank you for giving […] Read More


Torchlight II (PC Game) Experience


Hello! I’m celebrating my birthday with a blogpost! I’ve no work today, I’m on leave (thank goodness) and instead of playing video games, I wanted to update my blog site. It has been a while since I posted something in this site. The game I’m about to write is called Torchlight II, I’ve played this […] Read More


Warframe (PC Game) Experience


Hiya! Long time no post, right? I am so occupied with my work at a BPO industry… so much occupied that I am advanced to another position whose task is to provide support to our new fellow advocates and mentoring them. With that being said, I’ve little time to play video games and write blog posts. But I’m […] Read More


Mega Man 2 (NES Console) Experience


Hello! I’m writing again, I’ve been so busy! This will just be a quick post. I need to upload more videos in YouTube and I also need to start recording for some other games that I play. I’m so excited I don’t know when I’m going to stop.   VIDEO […] Read More


Dota 2 Game: Solo Ranked Match 3.2k MMR Support Role


Hi guys, how are you doing? I’ve been posting so late these days, these months I guess? I’ve been very very very busy. Honestly, I had personal issues I had to deal with and I also have my other work at a BPO industry and if I don’t report do my job, well- I can’t […] Read More