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The Number One SubMachine Gun I Use When Playing PUBG

Hey, what’s up, guys?! Boy, it’s been a few months since I’ve posted something. I’ve been busy with work (same reason) and trying to earn money to buy my own RIG, hopefully, I’ll get my own updated-high-end-PC built soon. Anyway, I’ve been really busy but I still find time to post something about video games I’ve played.


And I’m going to tackle about the best SMG or SubMachine Gun for me when playing Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds or PUBG. If you’ve noticed, the majority of my posts is the gameplay of a video game. Now, I’m trying to feature out part of the game. (for a change)


I have been playing this game since February 2018. So, please… please bear with me. It hasn’t been long, and you’ve probably figured out, why I haven’t been posting here.

So, currently, as of today, 9/8/2018 these are the SMGs: Micro Uzi, UMP9, Tommy Gun and Vector.

I must say at one point, I’ve liked Uzi, then Vector, then Tommy, then UMP9, it’s a cycle, I know it sounds funny but that’s how it was when I’ve picked up and used these weapons.

The reason I’m making this kind of post is to express how I’ve liked this kind of weapon. But surely, not limited to this weapon, which means I’ve got a lot more to post about.

Here is a screenshot of what attachments I’d like for my UMP9.

This fully attached UMP9 is my bread&butter. It’s easy to control, it’s a mad weapon for close to mid-range combat. I like it very much.

Or maybe I’m just too fond of this weapon? Remember counter-strike? Input “B, 3, 1.” Hahaha. Nostalgia.

Anyway, I’ve been learning to create videos so that it will be more interactive or not so boring to read all these texts.

Here are the highlights of using UMP9. (I still have potato aims) haha.

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