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Torchlight II (PC Game) Experience

Hello! I’m celebrating my birthday with a blogpost! I’ve no work today, I’m on leave (thank goodness) and instead of playing video games, I wanted to update my blog site. It has been a while since I posted something in this site. The game I’m about to write is called Torchlight II, I’ve played this game years ago when I was in college (during my break of course*evil face*). I found it interesting because it’s an RPG-hackn’slash game. And if we do a flashback, I was in an internet shop, browsing in the “Offline Games” folder and had to see what they have; so I fixed my eyes on the the name Torchlight and figured that this game might be interesting.

After creating my character with all the choosing of class, selecting of hair style, color, skin color and even gender- I’ve established my first character and moved on to proceed to the usual tutorials.t2


In the town of Torchlight, where peace had been in harmony for a very long time since the fall of Ordrak’s corruption was awakened again when an Alchemist was seduced by the Ember Blight’s power coming from the heart of this evil entity.  Now comes heroes with different classes to take on the adventure and putting an end once more to the corrupted Ordrak.



Similar to any Hack and Slash/ RPG type of game; where you level up your hero and as you progress through the game you get add stats to your player and they have different skill trees you can focus on so you can balance them to your play style. Really have nothing to say about the game-play but just some add-on I’d like to mention is the charge bar. The charge bar gives your hero enhanced capabilities to either their stats or skills. Another thing to add is the pet, where you it serves as an additional item carrier and if your inventory is full, you can command to send it home to sell or even buy potions! Talk about convenience.


It’s a combination of keyboard and mouse, there’s the usual 1-0 key slots where you can put in your skills or items to use. Not much to say under controls, there’s a hotkey for drinking life and mana potions, Z – life while X – mana. C is for accessing Stats, S for Skills, I is inventory, M is to toggle map view and P is for Pet. Just tackling those that are commonly pressed.


Overall, Torchlight II is a fun game to play, I must say it has some similarities with other famous hack and slash games like Diablo, Dungeons and Dragons and many more, but they still have their own unique way to play. I also recorded a video a few months back so please bare with me about sounding too “out of focus” when trying to address a certain topic.


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